Welcome to Barb's Pasties and Pizza

Barb's Pasties and Pizza has been in business over 30 years.

Once upon a time a little girl named Barbara was born in Calumet, Michigan and a little boy named Jerry was born in Ludington, Michigan. They grew up and became High School Sweethearts and were married. Jerry and Barb had Six beautiful children, five boys and a precious daughter. Jerry was always bragging about what a wonderful cook his wife was. Barbs love for her family made her cooking even more special. Barb's Pasties was something her children loved so much. As the years passed Jerry and Barb purchased an existing Pizzeria which had all the necessary equipment to make her homemade Pasties.
So in 1983 Jerry and Barb and their oldest son Eric began making Pasties at Barbs. "Word of Mouth" made their business grow. There were no computer's to enhance sales like today .Solid Homemade Pasties made with all the love that she cooked for her family.

Jerry and Barb have retired and with a gentle hand still help Eric with making sure that all the love Barb put in every Pasty continues on.

That's the Love Story of Jerry and Barb and her Pasties 58 years later